I’m Lynette Rink. I’m a Nature Ambassador, representing and supporting Mother Nature.

One day, sitting at a river in the Natal Drakensberg, Mother Nature came to me. As her powerfully gentle presence enveloped me, she asked me to share her beauty and all she offers with others ….

I honour her request. This website is all about Mother Nature and the things I love the most. How we work together and share them to anchor love, joy, oneness and peace on planet Earth, so that everyone and everything can co-exist in unity and harmony.

It is sharing from my heart ♥

Mother Nature – Our Therapist

I am blessed to spend a lot of time in Nature. It’s like I have been an apprentice with and in Nature for many years, and have now graduated as a Nature Ambassador. My apprenticeship has been slow … it has taken me time to understand exactly what Nature has been doing for me, and how she has moulded me and held me as I grow and heal, coming to a place of deep inner peace. I realise that all this time I’ve been undergoing Nature Therapy, with Mother Nature being the therapist. 

It is a gentle healing. You don’t have to be healed all in one day. It’s a gradual process. But each and every time spent outside, you feel good, you feel better and more whole. And the more times you can feel like that, the more they add up and contribute to your healing, and the more you experience those moments of inner peace, joy and harmony.

I now experience many moments of heart bursting bliss and pure joy when out in Nature – walking, sitting in a tree, hugging a tree, sitting or lying on the ground, walking barefoot, skinny dipping or simply being … I feel different out there. It is a feeling of belonging in the world, of unity and connection to all life. It is a feeling of coming home. Coming home to myself, but also to a place where I know I belong. Being able to be myself. I also like who I am when I’m out in Nature – That is the true me. Nature is where I am able to express my true essence. Where I spontaneously celebrate me, and all life.

I feel deep gratitude for these experiences and what I have been gifted by Nature. I want to share that. So others can experience it too.

Please join me and Mother Nature, and explore how you too can celebrate your life … all life …

“In Nature, I remember who I am”

– Unknown